The Complex Apodrasi is a hospitality unit, which includes rooms, a coffee - bar and a grill restaurant.

The complex is located in the village of Steni, known for its picturesque streets, its hospitable people and its religious tradition. There are fictions, of really high interest, of our people related to term Tsiknias at the foot of which is built Steni. According to Apollodorus in "Tsiknias", the highest mountain of the island, then called Gyra, once Hercules was found, chasing sons of North Wind (SS who often confused in popular beliefs with Aeolus, the god of the Winds ) Ziti and Kalain, who, apart from participating in the Argonauts, found the opportunity to desert when moored nearby Argo. The Hercules discovered them, killed them and buried them in separate graves.

Then their father, the North Wind, worried about their silence and initiated from Thrace in order to find them. He also arrived in Tinos, where he discovered their graves on top of Tsiknias. He was so much angry that opened his bags and left free the winds that till nowadays still whip the island. According to ancient authors in Tsiknias was a magnificent temple of North Wind or Aeolus, god of the Winds, where he unleash the winds towards the Aegean from.

Thereforeat the point that Tsiknias touches the sea in Faneromeni area, there is a cave, which according to alegend, communicates with the top. At this point there was the orifice from which Aeolus was blowing, and through this tunnel the air reached the cave and from there the sea.